Who should host a sale?
Everyone! Have a relaxed time with your friends and share sophisticated Milanese style.
Who do I contact to organize a sale?
Please fill in our enquiry form and we will contact you by phone. You will be able to discuss and arrange details of your sale.
Is there a cost hosting a sale?
No. We will come to your place at no charge. Hostesses enjoy generous rewards based on the total value of items sold at their sale. The more the sales, the more the rewards.
What is the price range of your accessories?
Everyone can find an accessory within their budget. Our starting price for small leather items is £20, leather gloves from £69, woven leather wallets are £99 - £130 and woven handbags £150 - £650.
How often do you have new products?
We usually introduce 2 major collections a year for Winter and Summer. Our artisans from Milan contact us throughout the year as soon as they have new fabulous accessories.


What should I expect on the day of the sale?
A relaxed time with your friends. Typically, a sale lasts 2 hours or less. Each guest can try on all the accessories they like, finding something for themselves or a fabulous gift. Advice on how to wear our products or the best colours to match your palette is at hand. Our accessories are a selection of classic timeless style.
Is my flat too small?
No flat is too small to share style with your friends. All you need is a large dining table or a sofa where to display our range of products. You and your guests will create the warm atmosphere for the sale!
Can I have a sale at another location than my home?
Yes, we can come to your office, a conference room or another place you may suggest.
What forms of payments are accepted at sales?
All major credit cards are accepted including American Express. You may also pay by cash.


How far in advance should I plan my sale?
7-14 days to allow you time to send your invitations by emails. We will help you to find the perfect date.
How many guests do I need to have?
Small groups of 8-10 are fine and any number after that are even better!
How should I invite my guests?
We can prepare a personalized email for you to forward to your guests.
What kind of food and drinks shall I have at my sale?
Light appetizers and drinks are excellent, like cheese with crackers, nuts or biscuits. It's very likely that your guests will spend their time trying on our accessories.